Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some tips on Street Photography.

I have a fancy for street photography. Specially in metro cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai there are ample scope for showcasing some mindblowing pictures. The choice of equipment is quite important for street work. I have found 35 mm focal length very useful for it's perspective which is so vital for street photography. Large SLRs with long tele-zooms are quite difficult to operate in the streets. Use of a tripod or even a monopod should be avoided. In a nutshell, any gear that attracts attention of people be better left at home. For years, I have used manual focusing lense in street work. With a 35 mm lense, focussing gets easier in any case. The present day's Digital point and shoot cameras are really handy for street photography. These small digicams are great for the necessary perspective and tack sharp pictures. These are incredibly quiet as there are practically no loud shutter noise likeyou have in case of an SLR shutter. I would always recommend using available light for street photography.

After arriving at the location where you are going to shoot some pictures, just don't start clicking right away. Stand at a vantage point for some time. Keep your camera away. Look around and spend some time at the location. Become a normal spectator. You must be totally relaxed showing no traces of nervousness. Stand there as if you are expecting someone to come and meet you. Take out your camera and point it at different directions, as if you are trying out a new camera. Pre-select your subject and shoot without taking much time. You got to be fast. Never remain at one place for more shots. That may create problems from local people. Just walk away slowly and deliberately.

One word of caution ! Never shoot in a Railway Station. Don't ever shoot picture of a cop. If you do , you are heading for trouble. Be bold and you always should have an answer ready if someone questions your action. Just be ready with an instant answer which must be a logical one. Be in a casual attire that doesn't draw attention of people around you. And try not to encroach into privacy of people.

Good luck !!!


Arif said...

Thats a very well written article. I am new in street photography but understand your tips are really valid and useful for a fresher like me.


Subroto Sen Photography said...

Fresher ! Don't call yourself a fresher Arif Bhai. Your Thailand series particularly the Floating Market ones are absolutely classic shots. Thanks for leaving your valuable comments anyway.