Saturday, September 27, 2008

Keep your mind on the content while you make a picture!

After seeing pictures in various photography forums especially authored by young photographers, it occurred to me to express my views on the content part of the pictures. Being connected to photography for nearly three decades, I have had the opportunity to see millions of photographs made by many reknowned and 'not so reknowned' photo-artists. Digital era has made photography accessible to a much larger population. So I thought that it may be worth sharing my views about photography with young aspirant photographers.
Please pay attention to the content part before you actually freeze a frame on your 'sensor' or Film depending on your shooting medium. Random clicking( just because that doesn't cost you any money) really makes no sense. Consider a frame keeping in mind the basic rules of composition (Rule of the Thirds) and ofcourse ask yourself 'what does this picture convey to the viewers ?' These are purely elementary factors one has to bear in mind before making an image.
The other technicalities aspects automatically fall into place with a bit of practice. If you are 'bang on' about the content part of the picture and the scene you are capturing conveys some message to the viewers, you have almost made it (unless you mess up with camera shake or other compositional error). In other words, don't be a mindless snap shooter but think before you press the shutter release.