Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Digital Imaging - shortcut methods creating mindless photographers.

It is observed since the point & shoot vaieties of Digicams emerged in the market place well within the reach of common people, a new class of photo enthusaists are seen sharing their pictures in various social networking websites.They have gone to the extent of hiring galleries to showcase their work to public. It's something like trying to write peoms without knowing the language in which they are writing. There is no sense of composition, balance and even exposure in some cases( though they use fully automatic point & shoot variety of digicams). I have seen many new DSLR owners mindlessly shooting anything they see and judge as worth photographing. There is no consideration about the content part of a picture, no idea of what kind of lighting makes a picture interesting. It is not their fault but the marketing policy of Digicam manufacturers who have aggressive marketing strategy to penetrate this massive Indian Market.
My humble suggestions to those who are themselves not sure about 'what photography really is' to spend some time and energy to learn the basics of photography as a form of visual art. Photography seems to be a simple hobby, quite affordable to almost everyone but believe me guys, it is not easy to gasp it in a few days. Maybe, the advancement of technology has brought it closer to you but please learn the art of seeing before you freeze a frame. Everything that look photogenic is not worth photographing. The moment you understand this basic concept, you are a photographer.