Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Don't become a gizmo fanatic ! Just shoot & share..

I have observed that so many upcoming and/or aspirant photographers have turned into state of the art equipment collector. Let me tell them that it's certainly important to have superior gears but it's not absolutely essential to invest a great deal to become a good photographer. If someone turns professional photographer (not a self proclaimed one !) in it's true sense, it is apt for that person to invest on array of gears. The wish list should be need based and not fancy based. I have heard about some young aspirant professional (?) photographer getting into Bank Loan for purchase of expensive Digital SLR Cameras and lenses. I must caution people not to tread on such dangerous mission under any circumstances. Earning money thru' photography is more difficult than getting a MBA from a recognised B-School. Some may think that photography is a shortcut route to get wealthy. That is completely an illusion.

My humble suggestion to young aspirant photographer is to first learn the techniques of photography. Shoot a lot and put up pictures for critique at the right kind of forums. Do not get mixed up in the pixel war. Let the Digicam makers do the fighting but you concentrate on your own shooting. Let good senses prevail amongst aspirant photographers who can't think beyond their photographic gears.

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