Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Indoor Portraits using Studio Strobes.

Having done hundreds of Portraits in natural daylight, a time has come when I am seriously thinking about having a home studio set up with three strobes and a background plus a Snoot and a couple of reflectors to start with. I could start with one Prolinchrome 23 or Photopro 23 as the main light source but a fill-in light of lower power would suffice. Maybe I will start my venture with two Strobes and then add a third one for background illumination. Need to have an IR trigger or a Radio Control trigger to fire all those two/three strobes without having cables running all across the floor. The Background material will be Black, Red and White at the start up. I will need three Soft Boxes of 60 cm X 60 cm for my three Studio Strobes. Luckily I have enough floor space in my king size Apartment which is extremely well located. It has a sweeping natural light coming from one side which will help me a great deal. I have no plans to buy a power pack even in the near future. There are AC Power points all around my living room. With Digital Medium, one may not need a Studio Flash Meter these days. The entire proccess is a trial and error. Once I get the gut feel about the kind of exposure that I normally get from my Studio Strobes (all colour balanced), rest is all practice.

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Maity said...

Have u set up the studio yet?I'll eagerly await the output.Hope to have a look at the set-up next time I visit Kol.